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Here is a selection of our ‘Not to miss’ Itineraries and travel Ideas that our team created based on our taste and on the feedback we received from previous clients.

These Itineraries include some of the most iconic destinations of the United States, a sort of Wish List of places that we encourage to visit for their outstanding beauty or because there are just extraordinary experiences.



Beautiful cities, breathtaking national parks, a spectacular coastline and golden beaches.

Start from:

€ 946



Alaska is a haven for outdoor and nature enthusiasts. The mountain and glacier views are beyond stunning. The amount of wildlife is excitingly alarming.

Start From:

€ 1.820



Discover New England's quintessential coastline: its artists, rugged shoreline and restless seas, its seaside adventures and local cuisine, and the unique architecture of some of the country's most historic lighthouses.

Start From:

€ 2.000


of the WEST

A 10 days itinerary, leaving from one of the most incredibile cities in the world to natural beauty on a crescendo of wonders.

Start from:

€ 1.284


Discover the art and science of the Master Distiller, savor the distinct flavor, and see how legendary distilleries have crafted the world's finest bourbons using secret recipes and a time-honored process passed down from generation to generation.

Start From:

€ 1.025


Packed with epic mountain peaks and glorious natural wonders, free-ranging wildlife, wide-open plains and orb-stretching big sky, Wild West towns and the iconic expression of American democracy ...

Start From:

€ 2.000


Visit world renowned parks in America's West - from Old Faithful, colorful canyons and rock formations to intriguing dinosaur digs and Indian villages.

Start from:

€ 2.015



Nostalgia lovers treasure Route 66's long, colorful history and small town ambiance. Getting there isn't half the fun, it's all the fun!

Start From:

€ 1.080

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