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Groups: Birth place of North America

Where everything started in North America… at the cross road of History, Culture, Language and the Making of North America.


Day 1: Arrive Boston Airport

Meet your guide at the hotel with a little welcome reception will be ready for you to relax and enjoy your first day in New England. Evening at Leisure.

Day 2: Boston-Quebec

Breakfast at the hotel then departure with our guide to Québec City.

Orientation Tour of Boston, including the Freedom Trail, the Historic Old North Church, the Old State House, the South Meeting House and Augustus Saint-Gardens’stirring memorial to Colonel Robert Shaw in Boston Common. 

In the afternoon the group will leave for Quebec City and New France. Once arrived in Quebec City, one will be taken by the charming Old City, its fortification and some of its remarquable UNESCO sites. Evening at Leisure.


Day 3: Québec City - Montréal

Breakfast at the hotel then departure with our guide to Montréal.

Discover the many faces of one of the oldest cities in North America. In Old Quebec – once the capital or New France – cobblestoned, pedestrian-only streets still carry the feel of the 17th century Europe. This remarkably preserved historic district consists of the Upper Town’s citadel, remparts and gates, and Lower Town, lined with 17th-and 18th century houses. View La Citadelle du Québec and the adjacent Plains of Abraham.  Today a city park, this was the site of a 20-minute battle between French and British troops that changed the continent’s destiny in 1759.

The group will then do a slight detour to the north with a stop at Sainte Anne de Beaupré and the Montmorency Falls (98 feet higher than Niagara Falls)…before heading to Montréal.

Evening at Leisure.


Day 4: Montréal – Ottawa - Kingston

Breakfast at the hotel then departure with our guide to Ottawa and Kingston.

A morning walking tour in the oldest part of Montréal, its cobblestone streets lit by gas lamps and city squares graces 18th-and 19th-century buildings that will remind you of the history of “old World” Europe; its Vieux Montréal… then a stop on top of Mont Royal for breathe taking Views of Montreal below; Downtown with its modern Skyscrapers and the Old City with its historic Harbor.

Then en route for Ottawa… crossing the Ottawa river and enter the Capital of Canada, a stop and visit of the grand Parliament buildings, including the House of Commons. Set on Parliament Hill overlooking the Ottawa River, vaulted ceilings, marble floors and stone walls with hundreds of gargoyles and reliefs create a grand feel. More to discover in its unique capital.

After a few hours in Ottawa, the group will drive to Kingston, land of the Thousand Islands.

Evening at Leisure.


Day 5: Kingston - Toronto

Breakfast at the hotel then departure with our guide to Toronto

Before leaving for Toronto – a morning cruise on the sparkling waters of the St. Lawrence River transports you leisurely through the scenic Thousand Islands, from charming cottages to opulent mansions, set on forested islands… then en route to Toronto.

Upon arrival in Toronto, a tour of this vibrant and cosmopolitan City… set on the shores of Lake Ontario with many lush, green parks, Toronto is one of the world’s most ethnically diverse cities. Orientation tour that will offer an overview, then a visit of the CN Tower (one of the world’s tallest freestanding structures). Evening at Leisure.

Day 6: Toronto – Niagara Falls

Breakfast at the hotel then departure with our guide to Niagara Falls.

Head into Ontario’s wine-growing region for a starting at an award–winning estate winery. In the town of Niagara-on-the-Lake, stroll past colorful Victorian storefronts, carved facades and hanging flower baskets on Queen Street as you look out onto the shores of Lake Ontario.

Arrive in Niagara Falls… what a memorable and unique experience of the plunging waters, power and mist on a little cruise that will offer you the best memories of the mighty Falls.

Evening at Leisure.


Day 7: Niagara Falls – The Finger Lakes (Corning)

Breakfast at the hotel then departure with our guide to the Finger Lakes and Corning.

En route for one of the best journey ever – discover this unique region of the finger lakes, our guide will explain where the name comes from, its rich history, you will learn about the nativs tribes who used to live in this region, fought during the French Indian Wars and you will keep in mind this region as one recall the Last of the Mohicans… The Finger Lakes is above all known for its world famous wineries, a tasting will be one of our stop but then a fantastic visit of the Corning Museum of Glass will become one of the highlights of your trip.

The Corning Museum of Glass -  over 40000 objects representing 3500 years of glass and glassmaking from Egyptian to 20th century. Evening at Leisure.


Day 8: Corning – Washington DC

Breakfast at the hotel then departure with our guide to Washington DC.

En route for Washington DC… with a stop in the Amish Country (Lancaster Area), our guide will lead our driver through the Amish and Mennonite farms; one will still see the little buggies pulled by one horse, the little Amish country schools, where the children still learn High German, a stop at one of the local museum will help us understand what made people decide to live this way; a way that may seem stopped in time, a way parallel to our modern existence of Internet and Computers.. While some of us still live without electricity.

The group will then arrive in Washington DC… America’s Capital City. Evening at Leisure.


Day 9: Washington DC

Breakfast at the hotel.

Today, our guide will take the group to visit George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate, overlooking the Potomac; visit of the the mansion and it interactive museum… a must before being told on our Capital’s City… Back in Washington DC, the group will have some free time at the MALL, surrounded by all the Smithsonian Museums, like the National Air and Space museum.. Have lunch at leisure then start a tour of Washington DC., this tour will include the different Monuments and Memorials like Lincoln Memorial, pass by the White House, the Capitol, Arlington Cemetery. Evening at Leisure.


Day 10: Washington DC – Philadelphia – New York City

Breakfast at the hotel the departure to New York City with a Stop in Philadelphia

Early departure for Philadelphia,  a brief tour of this remarquable Historic City, tour Independence Hall, where the Declaration fo Independence was signed, and view the Liberty Bell. At the National Constitution Center, see exhibits that focus on its history as well as the Constitution’s relevance today… after this visit of LOVE, the group will be visiting one of the most famous private Collections in the world, the BARNES Foundations… the greatest private collection of post-impressionist and early -modern art, more than 3,000 masterpieces, including 181 Renoirs and much more. Then en route for the Big Apple… Manhattan…our ove rat road guide and bus driver will bid farewell that day. Evening at Leisure.


Day 11: New York City

Breakfast at the hotel.

Today – our guide will meet our group for a day in the Big Apple – our guide will help us discover the many faces of Manhattan,  8 hours, its ethnic districts like Chelsea, Greenwich Village  SOHO, Little Italy and Downtown Manhattan, visit the  9-11 memorial Park, embark for the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, then explore Midtown Manhattan with Rockefeller Center, Fifth Avenue and a walk in Central Park. Evening at Leisure.

Day 12:  New York Airport

Breakfast at the hotel.

Depending on the flight, before leaving for the airport, the group may have some time to do the last shopping then will meet our guide and leave the Island of Manhattan for one of our Airport.

Then time to say Good bye to New York City and North America… till another time in our our Beautiful America.

Place visited:
  • Boston

  • Quebec

  • Montrréal

  • Ottawa

  • Kingston

  • Toronto

  • Niagara Falls

  • Finger Lakes

  • washington DC

  • Philadelphia

  • New York city

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